Project results

Best practices for engaging migrant and refugee parents in school

The report includes the results of a thorough mapping and analysis of innovative and effective practices for increasing parental engagement, collected from the participating countries of the project, as well as at EU level.

Training materials for teachers

The partnership will develop a useful and comprehensive set of interactive online training materials for teachers to develop essential skills in adopting innovative practices of parental engagement.

Information Package for parents

The Information Package is an essential tool for migrant and refugee parents to get familiar with the national educational system of the partner countries and a presentation of cases requiring parental engagement accompanied by suggested actions.

Digital storytelling of teachers and migrant and refugee parents’ experiences

Digital storytelling is defined as ‘the art of telling stories” with a variety of digital multimedia, such as images, audio, and video. Digital storytelling videos that present the experiences from migrant parents, as well as teachers, will be beneficial to listen to their stories and be inspired by their experiences and aspirations for the future of their children and students.

Policy recommendations for migrant and refugee parental engagement in schools

Aim of the policy recommendations is to argue in favor of integrating parental engagement programs for migrant and refugee parents at schools around Europe.